2013 Teacher Webinar Schedule

MYGOLFPROS is launching a series of educational, informative & fun webinars that will help all of our teacher members grow as the best golf instructors possible and improve the great game of golf that we all love.

April 2013
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Recorded Webinar
Brian MoggTaking your Swing from the range to the course and how to Practice
May 2013
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Live Webinar

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Georgina LewisLinkedIn – The first step in having a Social Footprint on the Internet
June 2013Live WebinarKellie StenzelTeaching Women at your club, how to gain their trust and their business
July 2013Live WebinarGeorgina LewisThe Junior landscape today (1400 tournaments and 69 tours) and how to help your students maneuver through the rankings
August 2013Live Webinar Scott Munroe & Kellie StenzelHe Said She Said / how different golf instructors at the same club can compliment your business
November 2013
Live Seminar at the Golf Magazine TOP 100 SummitGeorgina LewisBuilding Your Brand: Your Website, LinkedIn or a Facebook Fan Page? Pros & Cons for your Business?
December 2013Registration Pending
Mike ShannonDifference between linear and non-linear putting, Swing Smart putting reader and how it can enhance your teaching.
MYGOLFPROS webinars are designed with the instructor in mind, providing new out-of-the box approaches to improve the teaching experience. Webinars are online and accessible, convenient and hassle-free. Virtual online seminars are a great way to attain top-notch education with minimal effort. Take advantage of this medium and tap into powerful education it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3… How to access each webinar

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