New Web Site is THE Resource Center for Golfers around the world


New Web Site is THE Resource Center for Golfers around the world

JACKSONVILLE, FL — (September 24, 2009) –, the most comprehensive web site EVER built for golfers. The MyGolfPros provides Junior Golfers, Amateur Golfers, Aspiring Professional Golfers and Caddies information and resources to develop an on-line schedule for competitive play at all levels.

“The is a comprehensive interactive educational golf resource center for its members: junior golfers, amateur golfers, professionals, parents, and caddies. It will offer information, interactive counsel and links to resources that will help members navigate efficiently through their golf playing experiences at a variety of competitive levels,” said Dr. Betsy Clark, former Vice President of Professional Development for the LPGA. is the first site of its kind and provides an invaluable service to golfers of all levels that includes:

  • Tournament Matching –members (junior golfers, amateur golfers, professional golfers) select tournaments to play in based on abilities and golfing objectives
  • Advice from players to players and professionals on all aspects of competitive play like how to lower your score, how to move up the rankings, etc.
  • Collegiate golf, College Scholarship resources and College Recruiting – how to get and stay on coaches “radar”, etc.
  • Customized tools to help members build their competitive golf schedule
  • Offers Caddies a place to post their resume, and members a place to find caddies
  • Find your way into Ranked Amateur Events, Sponsor exemptions to Professional Events, Pro-Ams and Celebrity events around the world
  • And much, much more

Georgina Lewis, founder of  the, has experienced the joy – and frustrations – that come along with being the parent of a very successful junior and amateur golfer.  Traveling around the country to some of the most important and prestigious amateur tournaments in the US and Mexico, Lewis saw a need to help others by providing “backdoor solutions” to, what can be, a very confusing system.  Few Junior golfers understand how to get into the best golf tournaments, how to gain exemptions into higher level golf tournaments, and which tournaments are the “musts” to get recognized by college coaches.

“We want to provide to our members a complete resource for all Golfers: Juniors , Amateurs of all ages, aspiring Professionals and Caddies.  This is where they can come to get the ”real scoop from player to player”.  This is a comprehensive resource center for players not only including golf tournaments but also includes health, fitness, mental coaching, etc.  This site will also provide Amateurs with professional tips, comprehensive tournament lists, where to play, and secrets of what the best golfers do,” said Lewis, who sold her very successful IBM affiliated computer business of 14 years to start “We are the first and only site that brings all the tournaments from all the National Tours into one site, and allows our members to build a custom schedule with easy to use tools.”

There are over 1,000 Amateur golf tournaments and 1,800 junior golf tournaments played in the U.S. every year, and every single tournament will be listed on MyGolfPros explains the five different levels of junior golf and the different kinds of tournaments there are from 1-day moderate events to multiple-round highly competitive events played at the most aggressive conditions.  For the adults, “the Amateur Golfers” looking to compete at different levels of Amateur golf – both men and women – can find the same invaluable information as well, including Celebrity golf events, Pro-Ams, and Ranked events to name a few.

“While there are numerous resources where an Amateur golfer can obtain instructions as it relates to their setup, swing, and putting stroke, there has never been a credible source for juniors and aspiring amateurs to access advice, strategy and ‘tidbits of golf knowledge’ that is geared to providing the golfer with a different competitive edge … how to successfully navigate the process of the amateur competitive world. That’s what the MyGolfPros aims to do and this should prove to be an invaluable aid to all golfers focusing on playing competitive golf,” said Bruce Lucker formerly Senior Marketing Strategist for the PGA TOUR. will also offer several other features, references and “tips” that are critical to successful competitive play at all levels such as Health, Fitness, Nutrition information and the Mental side of the game.

Said Lewis, “Our purpose is to earn the loyalty of all golfers, Men and Women Amateurs, Mid-Amateurs, Senior Amateurs, Junior Golfers from all ages 5 to 18, Junior golfers wanting to become a Ranked Amateur, to the Seasoned Professional. To expand our relations by promoting a website that is a universal leader in excellence, cost, and enthusiasm. Our Vision is to have the MyGolfPros considered the unsurpassed golf resource center in North America and the World.”

In the fall, MyGolfPros will be adding a section to its website for Aspiring Professional Golfers (Men and Women) as well. This very unique service will help golfers identify the various skill and performance requirements needed to qualify for different professional mini-tours, regional tours, and the official developmental tours of the PGA and LPGA, the Nationwide Tour and the Duramed Futures Tour.

Unique to MyGolfPros will be a section offering caddies an incredible service. Caddies looking for a permanent gig, looking to build their reputation, looking for temporary work, can register (post their resume) in an exclusive database that can be accessed by golfing members of MyGolfPros. This service will assist golfers in their quest to find the best caddies available for the highest level of play.

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