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The MyGolfPros (MyGolfPros) was created to help golfers of all skill levels and ages by providing a simplified presentation of the many golf tournaments available in today’s world. In addition to tournament information, MyGolfPros offers Amateurs, aspiring Professionals, Caddies, Junior Golfers, and Professionals, a simplified process to finding the best resources and solutions for reaching playing and career goals. Additionally, MyGolfPros will offer tips from some of the world’s most highly respected instructors, news and articles on issues facing the world of golf today, blogs on a variety of topics, and a database of over 3,000 golf tournaments!


Junior Golf:
When it comes to junior golf, very few parents and/or juniors entering the world of competitive junior golf are prepared for what awaits them. How to register for tournaments, how to get exemptions, how to qualify for tournaments, how to advance from level-to-level, and which tournaments are essential to golfers seeking college golf scholarships, are all questions that can be answered and found on MyGolfPros. Building an individualized plan/schedule for a junior golfer has never been easier.

Amateur Golf:
For Amateur golfers – no matter what age – there is an incredible amount of information available on MyGolfPros. For example, with MyGolfPros, Amateurs can find designated “ranked” events to give them a better chance to be recognized and afforded the potential to be selected to play in professional events and/or on the Walker Cup, Curtis Cup, or other prestigious invitational’s. MyGolfPros can also help Amateur golfers find events to play with Hollywood’s best, Pro-Am’s with top LPGA or PGA professionals, or where to play locally or regionally – as an individual or in team events.

Professional Golfers:
MyGolfPros is a also a perfect source for Professional Golfers, or aspiring professionals, looking to build their career, to understand the commitment it takes to play golf at its highest levels, and preparing their game for a run at the PGA TOUR, the LPGA Tour, or other professional circuits. MyGolfPros has customized tools to help Professional Golfers and aspiring professionals best prepare for a playing career. Playing great golf may get amateurs to the “big Tours”, but sustaining a competitive edge and balancing physical golf fitness, and the mental game will lead to success. At MyGolfPros, the resources, “short cuts” and tips for success will help guide and streamline the process for new and aspiring professionals so they can focus on what matters most.

For the first time ever, a site has been created for caddies where they can register, post their resume, and find opportunities for hire to “loop” for amateurs or professionals for a single, short-term, or long-term contract.

To find out more about, or to arrange an interview with a company executive, please call Warren Rogan at Rogan Media, (407) 435-0540, or email warren@roganmedia.NET.

Press Release Kit:

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