PGA Pacific Northwest Section The goal of the Junior Golf Fund is to introduce the game of golf to those who ordinarily would not have the opportunity. Finding kids that do not have the opportunity to be exposed to golf is easy, finding a way to bring the two together is not. Through various programs throughout the Section the Junior Fund has made great strides in bringing golf to thousands of youngsters who may not ever have known what a golf club was. These programs are detailed as follows along with how you can help. There aren’t many things more exciting in golf than seeing a kid’s face light up when he or she hits that first good golf shot. Don’t miss that excitement; get involved in junior golf.

Washington State Golf Association In 1922, the Washington State Golf Association (WSGA) was established in order to conduct our state amateur golf championship. Since its humble beginnings almost 90 years ago, the WSGA has evolved into one of the largest amateur golf associations in the United States, providing a multitude of benefits and services to approximately 72,000 individual men, women, senior, and junior members at over 700 member golf clubs and 270 golf courses throughout the state of Washington and Northern Idaho. The WSGA also works tirelessly to promote, foster, and grow the game of golf in its region through its support of golf related charities and “good for the game” programs.