South Carolina

South Carolina Junior Golf AssociationThe purpose of the South Carolina Junior Golf Association is to perpetuate the history and traditions of the ancient game of golf through its members, and with an active outreach to the youth of our state. Through affordable opportunities of play, instruction and competition, Juniors of all ages, walks of life and skill levels will be touched by the character of the game; its teachings of honor, sportsmanship and respect; and thereby, are better prepared to face the challenges ahead in life. In 2008, the SCJGA was named the top regional junior golf association in the country by Golf Digest magazine.

PGA Carolinas Section The Carolinas PGA is dedicated to nurturing and improving the quality of the game for the thousands of golfers using our member facilities. PGA professionals are responsible for conducting a variety of golf-related functions which include golf shop merchandising, golf instruction, tournament operations, Junior golf programs, golf club repair, administering the Rules, public relations and much more.