Junior Level 4 – Recognized Tours

At this level, Level 4, it is all about learning how to play in Competitive Golf Tournaments.  These tournaments begin your journey into becoming A Ranked Golfer.  This is not the same as playing with your parent or friends.  In competition you CAN NOT talk to your parent, can’t ask advice, can’t take mulligans.  You are all on your own.  You should expect that you will score a little higher at first until you become accustomed to the stress of competing.

Golf Tournaments are listed by each State (left sidebar).  You do not have to travel as far (as in the upper levels) to start playing competitive junior golf.   These Tournaments (left sidebar) are a great place to play golf and to learn ‘course management’. Some of these events are hosted by a Tour that you might also see in level 3, however on level 3, those events earn AJGA exemptions while the rest remain here.