Mike Malaska

Mike Malaska’s passion for sports scopes his entire life. His love of the “game”, his competitive nature accompanied by his born ability for athletics set the cornerstones for the many accolades received by him and Malaska Golf. Before the rest of the instruction world started to take note, Mikes’ worldwide reputation of excellence based itself on the commitment of understanding all the physical aspects of the body and the golf swing. This ongoing pursuit has lead to an unsurpassed level where athletes improve swing mechanics and sequencing of the body by stretching, strengthening and conditioning programs backed by cutting edge analytics provided thru leading edge technologies.

Mike Malaska’s knowledge of the golf swing, as well as his philosophy and expertise at incorporating physical fitness and nutrition programs into his golf instruction, has made him a leader in the teaching profession since 1976. This nutrition/fitness combination became Jack Nicklaus’ personal regiment and in 1991 Mike began his career with the Nicklaus/Flick Golf Schools. The culmination of Mikes physical aspects of the game and the Nicklaus Flick teaching philosophy successfully united and evolved into what is today the world renoun Nicklaus Academies.

During 2003 he was the lead instructor with the TaylorMade / ESPN and Jim Flick Golf Schools. Presently, Mike has taken golf to another level with his teaching programs and lessons under the Malaska Golf title which was originally organized in 1995. Today Mike works with beginners, juniors, women, golfers of all levels, and tour players. Mike also continues to serve as a corporate consultant for TaylorMade / Adidas Golf.

As Director of Instruction for the Jack Nicklaus Golf Centers in Japan from 1992 – 1995, Mike was featured in Golf Digest Japan and was nominated for “Teacher of the Year in 1993”. He is currently the Director of Instruction for Nicklaus Academies Worldwide and instructs the teachers at each center the fine art of golf instruction. Mike’s desire to understand and perfect the golf swing has made him an outstanding player as well. Mike competed in a number of PGA and Champions tour events, including the 1988, 2009, and 2010 PGA Championships, and the 1982 and 1986 U.S. Opens. He has also won numerous Championships. In 1996 he was named “Utah Section Teacher of the Year” and was just named “South West PGA Section “Teacher of the Year “in 2010. Mike has been a guest lecturer for corporate functions throughout the U.S. as well for the “PGA National Coaching and Teaching Summits” and has appeared a number of times on The Golf Channel as a guest instructor. In 2004, Mike completed a year-long production effort and produced his own DVD, “You Are Your Own Swing”, featuring 2 hours of both golf and fitness instruction.

Mike’s knowledge of the golf game has been featured in numerous publications. His articles have been the cover stories for Golf Magazine numerous times and hundreds of articles from Golf Digest to PGA of America publications. A graduate of Weber State University in Ogden, Utah, Mike was a college “All American” in 1974 and was inducted into the University’s “Athletic Hall of Fame” in February 1999.

A leader in the teaching profession and ranked since 2001 among Golf Digest’s “America’s 50 Greatest Teachers,” Mike is currently listed as #24 in the nation. Malaska combines his expertise in swing mechanics with physical fitness programs to provide students with every advantage on the course.

Mike’s students have included numerous PGA/LPGA Tour Players, many celebrities as well as prominent political figures throughout the world.

January 2, 2013