Why do you play golf?

By Kellie Stenzel
A MyGolfPros featured instructor.
Why do you play golfWhatever your reason, it is personal to you?

Why does each of us play golf?  What is your reason for playing?  Whatever is it, it is personal to you and absolutely perfect. I can share with you why I play golf.  I play golf now for a very different reason than I used to.

I play golf, now for a few reasons.  Number one is to be with my family and friends.  I also really enjoy playing great golf courses in beautiful places.  I play golf to be with clients and have more satisfaction when they do well, than caring about my own game.  And don’t get me wrong, I certainly prefer to play well, and if I don’t play well enough to be content, I would absolutely take some time for practice.

But that old, highly-competitive professional player, who was so concerned with every shot, is still in there somewhere, she is very deep inside. The reason I share this, is I think it can be helpful for each person to decide why they play and to share that with your playing partners, your professional and your family, so they can understand what motivates you. I modify my teaching based upon these wishes of each of my students. I hope to give each of them what they wish for. A social golfer would get a very different lesson, than one looking to play tournament golf.

If  you desire to improve your golf and play high-level competitive golf, your practice and time involved needs to be much more comprehensive and cover all areas of the game. If you just want to play respectable golf with your friends, you need a simple swing and a few basic short game shots. Determine what is important to you and share it with those who you have with you and I think you will be a happier golfer.

January 13, 2013