Find Your Perfect Golf Swing by Mike Adams

Cracking The Golf Swing Code: How to Find Your Natural Setup and Golf Swing

The golf swing is probably the most analyzed and discussed athletic motion in existence. Everyone who teaches the game or plays the game has a preconceived idea or theory on how the club should be swung. There are more theories on how to swing a golf club than on who discovered America. Because of this multitude of theories, there is a lot of confusion on what the proper fundamentals are.

We need to separate fact from fiction. Misconceptions abound concerning the golf swing. The purpose of this book is to clear up that confusion and get you started in the right direction. The problem lies in the fact that 99% of all golf instruction is correct, but not all of it applies. How do you determine which swing fundamentals applies to you?

Let’s start from the beginning:

Form always follows function. So what is the function of the golf swing? The function of the golf swing is to consistently deliver the club head on a desired path, on an incline plane oriented at the base line of the plane at maximum velocity, while striking the ball in the center of the clubface, square to the chosen target. Too often we get locked into technique and style, instead of the efficiency of the movement.

The second problem is that golfers come in all sizes, shapes, abilities, and desires. Your body type (ectomorph, endomorph, or mesomorph), arm length, leg length, trunk length, shoulder width, flexibility, range of motion, chest thickness, spine curvature (C, S or I), physical deformity or anomaly (both structural and muscular caused by injuries, over or under development, or birth), physical limitations and imbalances, physical strengths, athletic vs nonathletic, other sports and activities that you have played, desired shot shape and desired shot trajectory, and where you learned to play will all contribute to how you swing the club.

In order to perform a golf sing golfer must have both mobility and stability.

December 29, 2012