How do you find good quality golf tips and answers to your questions?

There are approximately 45,000 Golf Teachers and 4,000 Tour Professionals in the world and Tens of thousands of golf books

on the internet and in print and Tens of thousands of golf videos on the world wide web and hundreds of golf instruction

themed website on the internet…..  But There Are None Like US because we are the real deal.

Is there a cost?:

NO, the general golf forum is open to the public, all golfers of all ages and abilities. However the teacher only area is a private section for golf instructors, golf teachers and coaches and there is a fee membership and qualification requirements.

What we believe:

At MYGOLFPROS we understand that golf is a game for all whose integral values and skills can enrich lives for a lifetime. We have created an easily accessible comprehensive web community that will serve as an important resource to help all golfers, from the new golfer just learning about the game, to the established amateur golfer, to the professional. We believe in a balanced and holistic approach to the game of golf that includes the skills of the game as well as integrated learning about health, nutrition, fitness, conditioning and the mental aspects of the game that make a complete golfer at any level.

Who we are:

Hands down, we are the largest network of nationally recognized and world renown teachers of the game of golf. Our forum is maintained by many of the best teaching professionals with PGA and/or LPGA certifications as well as earning the elite distinction of Golf Magazine TOP 100, Golf Digest TOP 50, Golf Digest Top 40 Under 40, and US Kids TOP 50 teachers in America. In addition, forum contributors also include some of the best playing professionals (PGA, LPGA, the Australian and the European Tours), sports fitness specialists, mental sports coaches, golf equipment and training equipment providers and a few very technical savvy computer folks. We are a dedicated and certified group of teaching, playing and golf industry professionals who share a passion for the game of golf and growing the game for all.

February 10, 2013