MYGOLFPROS is a FREE online forum where golfers of all levels can come and ask questions of our network of Top Teachers to get tips and advice.

The forum is managed by the largest group of teaching, playing and golf industry professionals who share a passion for the game of golf and growing the game for all.  We are donating our time to answering golf questions and growing the game.

At MYGOLFPROS we understand that golf is a game for all, whose integral values and skills can enrich lives for a lifetime.  We have created an easily accessible comprehensive web community that will serve as an important resource to help all golfers, from the new golfer just learning about the game, to the established amateur golfer, to the professional.  We believe in a balanced and holistic approach to the game of golf that includes the skills of the game as well as integrated learning about health, nutrition, fitness, conditioning and the mental aspects of the game that make a complete golfer at any level.

Editorial golf tips and reviews from our experts:

  • Editorial golf tips and reviews from our experts
  • Golf Video instruction
  • Advice on what, where and how to play
  • Health & Fitness recommendations from our experts in the forum
  • Written articles including guidelines for fitness and conditioning workouts
  • Dates and locations for national, regional and local golf clinics and academies taught by professionals
  • A dedicated section for junior golfers and their parents list over 69 national tours and international tournaments
  • Mental Golf tips from some of the best experts in the game of golf
  • Software evaluations on online golf solutions (including iphone and ipad apps)

MYGOLFPROS is the new online “go to” destination for all things golf and is clearly the best and most comprehensive online golf community on the net yet!

Our forum is maintained by a strategic alliance of many of the best teaching golf professionals with PGA and/or LPGA certification as well as earning the elite distinction of Golf Magazine TOP 100, Golf Digest TOP 50, Golf Digest Top 40 Under 40, and US Kids TOP 50 teachers in America.

February 1, 2013